First Published Story

After much prodding by my critique group, I dipped my toe into the publishing world by up-loading a short story (19 pages) to Kindle/Amazon. I’m so thrilled to have a bit of my work out there for people to read.

Photo used for cover design
Photo used for cover design

Eternally Yours, Robert is a love story: a mother’s love for her family, a daughter’s love for her failing mother, and a woman’s love for the man she left behind.

Patricia Walsh Lowery gave me my first review. (There should be balloons and prizes for that.) She wrote on Facebook: “Just read Eternally Yours, Robert on my Kindle. It was wonderful. Made me cry and that is a good thing to do sometimes. Congratulations!”

Since the cover is the first (and sometimes only) impression of your work a prospective reader will get, the cover design better be eye-catching and interesting. I sorted through hundreds of professional photos to find one applicable in some way to Eternally Yours, Robert. I purchased this photo (at a very reasonable price) because, at one point in the story, Rose Turner is given a white rose by her love, Robert. She places it against the bodice of her red satin gown. I hope the cover image evokes that mood.

Please check out the cover with title at  .  Tell me what you think.  Suggestions for my next publication?

If I didn’t get something right, I want to improve before I attempt to publish my novel, Rim to Rim, next month. I have a wonderful canyon photo, but can’t manipulate the text to make it show up against the background. Kindle/Amazon makes the up-loading process as easy as they can, but there is still much to consider and choose.

Publishing Eternally Yours, Robert has been a learning experience and quite fun. I sold two 99-cent copies the first day. Woohoo! If you visit the Amazon site, a review of the story would also be much appreciated. This is so exciting!

4 thoughts on “First Published Story

  1. Just read your short story & loved it! Best wishes on your writing ventures! Lynda Pala

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