The Birth of a Novel

A Chronicle of Progress as I write my fourth novel. After completing my third novel, Gator Bait - A Tennis Team Mystery, I wondered which direction my next novel should take. I’ll be honest. I dithered around. I was busy preparing Gator for publication, marketing my other novels, and distracted from writing daily . . . … Continue reading The Birth of a Novel

Surprise Review of RIM TO RIM

I was shocked to find this review in my e-mail inbox. How cool to get a complete, complimentary, and unsolicited comment. Rim to Rim - Death in the Grand Canyon by Jeanne Meeks. "This is an action-packed mystery with lots of information about the Grand Canyon and backpacking. I found it absolutely spell-binding both in plot … Continue reading Surprise Review of RIM TO RIM

Where to Hold a Book Signing

© Adekvat At which venues will my novels sell?  Are some venues just not worth the time and effort? The answers, of course, depend on your audience, your book and your personality. My Least Productive Venues Writing Conventions Author workshops and conventions are wonderful things, but it’s very difficult to sell many books because everyone at … Continue reading Where to Hold a Book Signing

Writing Romance Into a Mystery

Please welcome Evelyn Cullet, author of "Masterpiece of Murder,"  "Love Lies and Murder," and "Once Upon a Crime." She has become quite adept at weaving romance into a mystery and will explain how and why she does it. Hi, Everyone. I'd like to thank Jeanne for giving me the opportunity to be a guest author on … Continue reading Writing Romance Into a Mystery

7 Book-Selling Tips from “Used Cars”

Used Cars is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. Kurt Russell plays a slick salesman who would do anything to sell a car. To sell our books, we won’t go to the lengths that Kurt did, but he had the principles of selling down well -- to a hilarious extent. I used Kurt’s … Continue reading 7 Book-Selling Tips from “Used Cars”