About Me

Do The Very Thing That Scares You

I’m learning as I go . . . how to backpack and how to write about my adventures. Now that I’ve written three mysteries, Rim to Rim–Death in the Grand Canyon, Wolf Pack-Mystery on Isle Royale, and Gator Bait-A Tennis Team Mystery, I call myself an author. The novels are available on Amazon in Kindle and in paperback. Barnes and Noble carries the books in the Nook format, and I’m celebrating  the books’ placements in an actual store, Centuries & Sleuths Bookstore, Forest Park, IL.

Grand Canyon trail.

Though I’ve always loved the out-of-doors, I started backpacking in 2005 at an advanced age. I began my first novel to fictionalize and jazz up my adventures. Before that, I was stuck indoors running a video surveillance business for 28 years with my husband whom I married in 1969. After we sold the company to a British corporation, we were free to follow our dreams –– mine being camping, hiking, canoeing, tennis, and writing.

My bachelor degree in business took fifteen years to complete. I took whatever classes seemed appropriate for our growing business, but I managed to sneak in English literature, poetry, photography, and anthropology just for fun. Poetry filled my creative writing needs for years. I’ve also written a number of newspaper and magazine articles, but had to wait to retire to take on the daunting challenges of a novel.

Even without a paycheck-type job, time is in short supply. My days are filled with sports, volunteering, travel, writing, learning the writing industry, reading, and, of course, family. I love attending writing seminars and come away inspired    . . . and more intimidated!  How did I ever work for a living?

Pink ladies in my yard

My husband and I spend summers in a small town southwest of Chicago and winters on the southwest coast of Florida. We have two grown sons who have given us five grandchildren. Life is good.



Be the First to Know.

I’ll send out news of my latest books, contests, give-aways, and events. To be included, send your e-mail address to me at jeannemeeks777@gmail.com. If you have questions or comments, drop me a line there, too.

13 responses to “About Me

  1. Thanks for follow. I love your site. I have many family stories on my site if you favor them.

  2. ianmathie

    Yes Jeanne, Nerine sarniensis, often known as the Guernsey Lily. The bulb likes to be near the surface and produces leaves in the spring and summer. These die back an flower stalks emerge in autumn, usually bright pink, but modern breeders have now produced everyting from almost white to quite dark pink. Very lovely flowers, they are also quite long lasting in vases, so good for flower arranging.

    I’m pleased you found Belinda’s blog interesting. Do join in with the discussions.

  3. Thanks, Ian. Are nerines the pink ladies flowers? Thanks too for the link to Belinda’s blog. She has good insights.

  4. I love the Nerines in your yard ! And your sense of adventure.
    In this light you might enjoy Belinda Nicoll’s blog, if you haven’t already discovered it. Just look for My Rite of Passage on Google and it should come up. She’s done several threads on writing and we’re currently discussing sorcery and magic in reality and in literature in a six parter. Part 4 was posted today.

  5. Tennis and scrabble–can’t be beat! Nice meeting you,
    Prof VJ

  6. Thanks, Gayle. Got any juicy tidbits to start a story???

  7. Nice Jeanne. You should write about your big Irish family.
    All the best,

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