Wanted: Hurricane Ian Stories

If you survived Hurricane Ian, evacuated, witnessed acts of heroism, volunteered, dealt with the aftermath, or helped rebuild, Gulf Coast Writers Association wants your story. 

GCWA is working in collaboration with Alliance for the Arts to collect stories and present this historical event in photographs, oral histories, art works, and an anthology. A month-long display in Fort Myers is scheduled for September, 2023. The anthology will be available to the public at that time.

Hurricane Ian made history. Let’s record it. If you lived through the storm, you have a personal story to tell. Write it down. Your story may be in the form of a poem, a paragraph, or a short story. Free edits will be offered so that the story can be included in the book. This is a labor of love. Authors, pre-published authors, and casual writers are all invited to submit. All rights are retained by the author.

  • DEADLINE MAY 15, 2023

For more information, visit GCWA’s website at www.gulfwriters.org and click on Storm stories.

How to submit: Submit your story in a Word document to me at Jeanne2meeks@aol.com. Put “Hurricane Stories” in the subject line.

Creating the anthology was my idea, but two other GCWA authors jumped right on it. We make a great team. We have thirty-some terrific stories so far and need twice that. People tell stories about harrowing survival, such as the man who stepped out of his condo and was swept away by the storm surge. He clung to the trees in the mangroves for eight hours before rescuing himself. A family lived on their boat anchored at a marina, but had to evacuate in the face of the storm. Their boat was destroyed in the crush of other boats and sunk. A woman volunteered with Samaritan’s Purse to muck out houses which had been flooded with seven feet of water. She describes the devastation she witnessed and the grateful people she helped.

If you have questions, contact me jeanne2meeks@aol.com. If you need help pulling the story together, send your work in and request edits. This is an exciting project and an easy way to be published. True stories only please.

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