Death Valley Quilts

The National Parks Art Quilt exhibit is an exciting display of talent. Each of the four exhibit sites in Will County have had good attendance with people coming from all over, including out of state, to view the quilts. We’ve had quilts lovers, hikers, national park lovers, the curious, and husbands being dragged along.


Death Valley by Carole Youce, VA
Death Valley NP by Carole Youce

Landscapes such as this Death Valley one are my favorite. I’ve created a few myself when I was in a quilt guild years ago. The first layer would be the furthest view point, in this case, the sky. The mountains would then be layered on, followed by the foothills, etc. I would guess the boots were appliqued on last.

You gotta love quilted tarantulas. I am tickled by the little details the artist used such as the threads to create the hairy legs.

by Patricia Dews, VA
Death Valley NP tarantulas by Patricia Dews, VA

I’m not sure where Lake Clark is (didn’t have that in my notes), but I liked this landscape and the insets because the smaller pictures remind me of postcards.

Lake clark by Nancy Adams, VA (1)
Lake Clark National Park by Nancy Adams

I must get the book which catalogues all the quilts and gives commentary on the associated national parks. It’s a beautiful book. The exhibit sites are sold out as is Barnes and Nobel ($35), but there are a few used books on ($25). I’ll wait for the new order to come in so I can get the discount I earned by visiting all four sites to bring the price to $22.

Go to see this exhibit if it visits your state.

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