Death Valley Quilts

The National Parks Art Quilt exhibit is an exciting display of talent. Each of the four exhibit sites in Will County have had good attendance with people coming from all over, including out of state, to view the quilts. We've had quilts lovers, hikers, national park lovers, the curious, and husbands being dragged along.   … Continue reading Death Valley Quilts

Spill Out Your Bucket

Making promises to yourself and having future goals are wonderful things. Fill your bucket list with them, but don’t forget to also look back and congratulate yourself for all the things you’ve already accomplished. The new year has begun and maybe those New Year resolutions are already falling to the wayside. Give yourself a pick-me-up … Continue reading Spill Out Your Bucket

Build Your Own Boat-The Most Fun We Had All Summer

I'm amazed at what a person can do with simple materials. (I remind myself that great novels are written one word at a time.) We witnessed a cardboard boat race at a local pool, so my daughter-in-law challenged the family to a cardboard boat race.An internet search yielded a design, but no instructions. (Google: cardboard boat … Continue reading Build Your Own Boat-The Most Fun We Had All Summer