Spill Out Your Bucket

Making promises to yourself and having future goals are wonderful things. Fill your bucket list with them, but don’t forget to also look back and congratulate yourself for all the things you’ve already accomplished.

writing imageThe new year has begun and maybe those New Year resolutions are already falling to the wayside. Give yourself a pick-me-up by looking back a year or two or five and make a list of things of which you are proud. You may just surprise yourself.

Make a Done-List

Maybe the thing of which you should be most proud wasn’t among last New Year’s resolutions or on your bucket list. Take a moment to think about the wonderful things you do. Include things that expanded your horizons, improved your health, gave you a warm-fuzzy, or excited your intellect.

Perhaps you got snagged into volunteering for a charity, and it turned out to be one of the most fulfilling events of your life.

Did you finish reading a challenging book?

Maybe you successfully trained a new puppy.

Maybe you reconnected with an estranged family member or friend.

Maybe you increased your exercise routine from thirty minutes to one hour.

The accomplishments can be big or small. Gather memories and make your list. All these events were important to you at the time and enriched your life. Revel in them. Re-read the list when you become discouraged for not reaching some other goal.

The spillage from your bucket list may inspire you to re-load that list. Add new goals and say “YES” to yourself. Give yourself permission to attempt new things and risk failing. Remember: Anyone who has never failed, as never tried to reach their limits.

2013JeanneBookEdit (41 of 105)

During 2013, I transferred several items from my bucket list to my done-list. Chief among them was the publication of my first novel, RIM TO RIM. It still amazes me that I learned so much about writing, editing, producing, and marketing that book. I never thought I’d see the day.

Also on my list: zip-lining, white water rafting, and seeing Niagara Falls.



20140102_201418One item never made it to my bucket list, but is on top of my done-list. While my grandchildren stayed with us for two months, we create lots of memories. We had a snowball fight, decorated the Christmas tree and a gingerbread house, made monster-robots, and watched Toy Story two dozen times. What could be sweeter?

What’s on your Done-List?

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