All The Way from Britain!

The world truly is getting smaller. Upon receiving this review from Ian Mathie, I checked him out on-line. Somehow my novel made it’s way to him in England, and he was kind enough to write a review on Amazon:freeimage-10022432

5.0 out of 5 stars

Turmoil and treachery on the trek of a lifetime,

July 18, 2014 By  Ian Mathie

“As complex and deep as the Canyon itself, Jeanne Meeks’ book offers mystery, adventure, convoluted romance and a really good story. The basic premise is simple: a middle aged woman fulfils a long held ambition to hike rim to rim through the Grand Canyon. That’s the only simple bit about this book, for drama hits almost from the first page. The adventure turns hostile early on, with a stranger trying to seize the heroine’s luggage off the airport baggage carousel, until another traveller intervenes. Finding they share a common destination, the two team up in a loosely co-operative way. From then on the action really gets going. One dramatic event follows another as though this was a normal part of life on the trail, with sinister fellow travellers, car smashes, dead bodies, and all the hazards of the unfamiliar natural world to contend with. Along with this, both women are carrying unspoken emotional baggage, one seeking to relieve the tension this brings, the other still in denial. Into this gently stewing pot is thrown a Park Ranger, who clearly takes a shine to our heroine, although she seems reluctant to recognise this. And all the time they are trekking down the precipitous trail, deeper into the great canyon, whose dramatic vistas, crags, ravines and gullies are brought to stark contrast by Meeks’s descriptions. The author builds the tension quite gently at first, maintaining a state of apparent normality between the trekkers, although tensions have formed there as well. This makes the dramatic events on a ledge as they begin their climb out of the canyon, all the more powerful. The reader is drawn fully into the heroine’s emotional turmoil, yet has the advantage of being aware of the other participants’ feelings and attachments. And at the end, Meeks leaves her readers wondering whether relationships germinated by the trek may flourish or founder. In this way she leaves the door open for follow on adventures, which I hope will be written, because I would like to read more of this engaging writer’s work.”Rim To Rim: Death in the Grand Canyon (Backcountry Mysteries Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

Thank you, Mr. Mathie.



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