Grand Canyon Quilts

The National Park Art Quilt traveling exhibit visits Will County, Illinois all during June. They're fabulous. Today I drove out to Channahon's Environmental Learning Center to view 30-40 additional quilts. I sought out the three Grand Canyon quilts, because I've backpacked across the Grand Canyon and then was inspired to write a mystery novel about … Continue reading Grand Canyon Quilts

Surprise Review of RIM TO RIM

I was shocked to find this review in my e-mail inbox. How cool to get a complete, complimentary, and unsolicited comment. Rim to Rim - Death in the Grand Canyon by Jeanne Meeks. "This is an action-packed mystery with lots of information about the Grand Canyon and backpacking. I found it absolutely spell-binding both in plot … Continue reading Surprise Review of RIM TO RIM

National Park Week, April 19-27

What do you know about our country's great national parks? The first?  Yellowstone. Established in 1872 by a bill signed by Ulysses S. Grant. How many?  We now have fifty-nine parks plus many more national historical and  heritage sites all under the supervision of the National Park Service. The grandest?  In 1919 the Grand Canyon … Continue reading National Park Week, April 19-27

Creative Book Marketing: Handouts

Some would say my time would be better spent writing, but I've had a heck of a good time designing RIM To RIM's  cover,  business cards, posters for a future book launch, handouts. That's creative, too, right? Last week I discovered, a free website which allows you to edit digital photographs. I wish I … Continue reading Creative Book Marketing: Handouts