The Birth of a Novel

A Chronicle of Progress as I write my fourth novel. After completing my third novel, Gator Bait - A Tennis Team Mystery, I wondered which direction my next novel should take. I’ll be honest. I dithered around. I was busy preparing Gator for publication, marketing my other novels, and distracted from writing daily . . . … Continue reading The Birth of a Novel

Story Circle Review of “Rim To Rim”

It's always exciting to have an unexpected review pop up in my e-mails. Here's the surprise of the day from Story Circle Book Reviews. An excerpt from the Story Circle review of Rim to Rim:  "The book's characters, who besides the villains and protagonist, include a dewy-eyed young woman, a seasoned Grand Canyon ranger, and an … Continue reading Story Circle Review of “Rim To Rim”

Women’s Adventure Magazine Review

Just saw on Facebook that a review of "Rim To Rim-Death in the Grand Canyon" was written for Women's Adventure Magazine by Sharry  Miller. I especially like this part: "Jeanne Meeks’ first novel, Rim to Rim, is not only a page-turner of a mystery, but it’s a beautiful portrayal of the Grand Canyon. Meeks said that … Continue reading Women’s Adventure Magazine Review

Surprise Review of RIM TO RIM

I was shocked to find this review in my e-mail inbox. How cool to get a complete, complimentary, and unsolicited comment. Rim to Rim - Death in the Grand Canyon by Jeanne Meeks. "This is an action-packed mystery with lots of information about the Grand Canyon and backpacking. I found it absolutely spell-binding both in plot … Continue reading Surprise Review of RIM TO RIM