Golf Tips for Writers

What does a hole-in-one have to do with signing a book contract? Nothing, except they would both generate a huge celebration and feeling of accomplishment. Someday I will do both.

What does another rejection of my query have to do with taking six shots to get out of a deep sand-trap? Nothing, except they both put me in a real bad mood. Today after the sand-trap debacle, I finished the golf game with a decent score because I didn’t let that bad mood last long and I focused on improving my game. Later, I got out my list of perspective publishers and sent out three queries. Persevere.

Here are quotes from well-known golfers that could apply to the writing life:
Note:  Skip the golf references and substitute the (writing) references.

Golf (Writing) is a love affair. If you don’t take it seriously, it’s no fun. If you
do take it seriously, it breaks your heart.                 — Arthur Daley

Golf (Writing) is like playing guitar with a tennis racket; if it were that easy,
we could all be Jerry Garcia.                                 — Michael Bamberger

Golf (Writing) is not a profession, it’s bondage.     — Jim Murray

The least thing upset him on the links (while he tried to write). He’d miss 
     short putts (get writer’s block) because of the uproar of butterflies in the
adjoining meadow.                                                — PJ Wodehouse

Golf (Writing) is the cruelest of professions. Like life, it’s unfair. It’s a harlot, a
trollop. It leads you on. It never lives up to its promises.  It’s a boulevard of
broken dreams.                                                      — Jim Murray

Golf (Writing) and sex are the only things you can enjoy without being good at
them.                                                                     — Jerry DeMaret

And because I enjoy writing so much more than golf, I spend many beautiful
summer days tapping away at my computer.

Do what you love.

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