Review: The Singing Sands

The Singing Sands by Josephine Tey This is an old-fashioned British mystery in the style of Agatha Christie. Published in 1953, The Singing Sands shows the reader a world and time different from our own. Not just the fictional place and time, but the writer’s post-WWII perspective. How different are our current views on Arabia, … Continue reading Review: The Singing Sands

Review: The Heidi Chronicles

A Performance Several weeks ago I reviewed the Heidi Chronicles (see below) and didn't like it. Last night, however, my book discussion group got together to "perform" the play by taking roles and reading aloud. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves ....The wine and good food helped. To add to the play experience, the organizers of our … Continue reading Review: The Heidi Chronicles

Review: The Broken Teaglass

Word Nerds Unite! The Broken Teaglass, by Emily Arsenault,  is a story for lovers of words . . . Word Nerds . . . enthusiasts who love reading words, but also love learning their definitions, musing on their origins, and finding the best and most accurate words for use in their own vocabulary. Who knew this … Continue reading Review: The Broken Teaglass

Review: Deep End of the Ocean

This Story Made Me Sick. I bought this novel without knowing its topic, because I met the author at Love is Murder, a writer's conference in Chicago a year or two ago. I must confess, the first chapter made me sick. I shelved the book and, for months, sneered at the title while dusting or rearranging … Continue reading Review: Deep End of the Ocean

The Husband’s Secret – A Review

  Our Legends book club will discuss "The Husband's Secret" by Liane Moriarty soon. I liked it and gave it four stars on Amazon. Here's my review: Husbands and wives have secrets. When secrets see the light of day, lives change. Some of the secrets featured in this novel are kept to protect the innocent, some to … Continue reading The Husband’s Secret – A Review