Review: The Good Girl


20151203_103514This book by Mary Kubica is an engrossing story of a kidnap victim suffering from amnesia and Stockholm Syndrome.

The author writes in short chapters, changing points of view for each. The timeline also switches from before and after as if addressing questions only as they come up. That should create a confusing mishmash, but it does not.

Instead, these snippets develop the plot naturally. The reader is willingly led through the story, following bits of the character’s inner thoughts . . . just enough to understand their perspective at that moment. As we hear from the kidnapper, the detective, and the victim’s grieving mother, we become in-tune with their feelings, needs, and motivations.

Finally, the victim speaks, brings it all together, and the victim becomes the victor. I confess that halfway through the book, I predicted the ending and the surprise twist. My wish for a different outcome kept me reading. A fairy-tale ending might have been more uplifting, but the reality of their lives brought the only logical conclusion.

On second thought, there is a happy ending. Each main character’s wishes were granted and needs were met. Characters grew in strength, got the attention they craved, took care of responsibilities, and found love. A book discussion group could spend an hour considering the results of alternate endings.

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