Happy Month of May!

I love to see the woods behind my house greening up. To me it means hope after a long winter. Today is rainy and overcast, but my backyard looks beautiful anyway . . . fresh and new.

Mr. Frog overseeing a fine patch of lungwort.











Speaking of fresh and new . . .

Along with reveling in that new growth and hope, I’m putting the finishing touches on my newest novel, Gator Bait – A  Tennis Team Mystery.  I think I got it! I’m finally happy with the cover and am clearing out the tiny formating errors that stand in the way of publishing and drive me crazy. I should be able to reveal this new series later this month. Yea! gator cover 10 sized for CS

Here’s a hint to the story: 

Can the Paradise Palms tennis team save their favorite alligator, Big Joe, after he drags the body of a flashy real estate developer to the bottom of his pond?

A volunteer at the nature preserve spots a body bobbing in the pond at the same time as Big Joe sees his next meal. Convinced of the gator’s innocence, Packi Walsh rallies her new tennis team, the fourth-grade science class, and the local motorcycle gang to campaign to save Big Joe’s hide.

Packi’s snooping uncovers real estate fraud and irate investors, an affair between a trophy wife and her tennis pro, and a connection between the friendly neighborhood pharmacist and the New Jersey mob.

Now someone tries to silence Packi by making her gator bait.

The back cover is what was giving me fits, but on the 12th try, I approved it. If all else goes well, GATOR BAIT should be available on Amazon and Kindle by the end of May.

Enjoy the spring! This and Autumn are my favorite times of year.

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