Golf Tournament- Queen of Hearts Card Party

Last year I made the mistake of winning our club’s Grandmother’s golf tournament, so this year I had the honor of organizing the event. I chose “Queen of Hearts” as the theme. The event was new and different, so

Me and Anne Michuda, Queen of Hearts Tournament Winner

I got many compliments. If you want to duplicate these ideas for your golf league or jazz up a card party, here are some cute and inexpensive ideas:

1) Using old or broken decks of cards, glue five cards together to make  hands. Strew them around the table and put in the centerpieces.

2) Using sheets of craft foam in black and red cut out three-inch suit shapes: hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs. Strew them around and put in centerpieces. These were also used for the golf game. (see other blog)

3) Use Queen of hearts cards, punched with a hole, to weight down red, black, and white balloons.

Goodie Bags: From card party motif fabric cut 14″x 4 1/2″ strips. Sew a tunnel on the short ends and sew up the long sides, leaving the tunnels open to thread a 18″ x 1/4″ ribbon through. Add a heart shaped tag cut from cardstock. Fill the bags with wrapped snacks, and a cards suit pencil. If you’re organizing a golf event, add red tees and a playing card  for the game (see other blog).

Table Favors: Buy playing cards in bulk ($15 /dozen at Sam’s). Cut 7 1/2″ x 1″ strips of black cardstock to wrap around the deck box. Add a 2″ heart cutout with holes punched with red curling ribbon threaded through and around the deck. Put the Queen from the deck on the outside and add a wrapped Dove chocolate.

Table Favors in pieces

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