Play Outside and Write About It

So this is my inaugural blog on WordPress. I’m migrating from Blogspot because so many visitors to my blog there couldn’t leave a comment without signing up with Google. That scared people away. Blogspot’s community pages indicated I wasn’t alone with that problem. Have any of you abandoned Blogspot?

This blog, Backcountry Mysteries, will chronicle the process of writing and publishing a novel by an aspiring author–me. Like a trail of crumbs left by Hansel and Gretel, maybe something I experience will make the road to publication easier for another novice author. It certainly has been a trip so far.

Me in a field of Virginia bluebells.

The blog will also be filled with outdoor things I love to do: backpacking, kayaking, tennis, outdoor cooking. You’ll see cool places to go, wildflowers, recipes, gear tips. I’d love to swap thoughts with like-minded readers.

My mystery novel, Rim to Rim, is set in the Grand Canyon and took me a year to write. The next year, I edited and revised, and edited and revised again. In this past year I’ve offered the manuscript to nearly fifty publishers or agents–and revised again. This has been one heck of a learning experience.

At what stage are you with your writing? Or maybe you had a great or terrifying outdoor adventure that would make a good story idea.  Tell me about it.

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