Wild Food – Morel Mushrooms

I’ve detested mushrooms all my life and cringe at the memory of the slimy buttons in chop suey. That is until two years ago when I fell in love with morels. On a backpacking trip to Deem Wilderness in southern Indiana, Doc, a fellow hiker spotted a few of the honeycombed fungi at the base … Continue reading Wild Food – Morel Mushrooms

Hoosier in the Rain

The weatherman forecasted rain for our early-May backpacking trip to Hoosier National Forest. A few less-determined people canceled the trip because the weather wasn’t to their liking. Thursday afternoon we drove away from the threatening rain in Illinois into the blue skies of southern Indiana. Fourteen hikers gathered at Yellow River State Park, had an … Continue reading Hoosier in the Rain

Holler Hopping –– Ziplining Hoosier Style

To really live: Everyday do something that scares you . . . so I am told. Afraid of heights? Me, too. Friends with whom I regularly backpack in Hoosier National Forest dared each other this past weekend to try holler hopping. In the rolling hills and fall colors south of Bloomington, Indiana, we found Explore … Continue reading Holler Hopping –– Ziplining Hoosier Style