National Park Art Quilts

To celebrate our fabulous national parks, women across the country created amazing art quilts depicting landscapes, flora, or fauna from each park. (see photos below) The exhibit of 177 quilts is traveling the country. For the month of June it is in my neck of the woods, Will County, Illinois, at four different forest preserve sites.

These are some of my favorites from the display at the Sugar Creek location. I was so excited about the impressive work that I volunteered to be a docent for the exhibit for the rest of the month. If you get the chance, go to see these works of art when they travel to a town near you. Be sure to zoom in on the photos to see the detail. Amazing!

"Porcupine" Lassen Volcanic Nat' Park
Lassen Volcanic NP by Sandy Kretzer, VA
Hawaii Volcanoes NP
Hawaii Volcanoes NP by Elly Dyson, VA
Gaudalupe Mountains, TX
Gaudalupe Mountains by Janet Palfey, VA
Theodore Roosevlet (ND)
Theodore Roosevelt NP by Sarah Etsminger, VA
Grand Teton
Grand Teton NP by Nancy Firestone
Glacier Bay
Glacier Bay NP, Alaska by Karla Vernon, VA
Yellowstone quilt
Yellowstone NP by Kim Gibson
arches quilt
Arches NP, UT by Etta McFarland, MS

2 thoughts on “National Park Art Quilts

  1. WOW thanks for sharing that 🙂

    I am forwarding it to my neighbor across the street as she is a quilter and her husband was a National Park Superintendent at Glacier and several other parks including Grand Canyon twice.

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