Review: The Green Tunnel

The Green Tunnel-An Appalachian Trail Diary was a great adventure.

I love backpacking and have always wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail, but most likely never will, certainly not the entire route as the author did. His account of his months on the trail is the closest I’ll ever get to that accomplishment.

Patrick Bredlau’s diary of his hike covers his hardships, his victories, and what it took to accomplish the feat . . . without bravado. It is not fictionalize or embellished like “Wild” or “A Walk in the Woods,” yet he held my interest throughout.

Bredlau relays his story with many bits of fact mixed with personal introspection, observations, and tidbits of gossip, all of which gives the reader an intimate feeling for the trail and the hiking culture. I wished at times he was able to delve further into the stories behind the many hikers he met, but that’s not the nature of the trail.

Well done, Patrick Bredlau. Congratulations on both the amazing hike and the account of the feat.

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