Day 5 – Epic Bike Adventure

Annawan to the Mississippi River  -  34 miles Our last day on the Grand Illinois Trail was supposed to be easier. We left our heavy saddlebags at the hotel and planned to pick them up as we drove back. We didn't even get out of Best Western's parking lot...and Dot got a flat. Luckily, a gas station was next … Continue reading Day 5 – Epic Bike Adventure

Day 4 – Epic Bike Adventure

Spring Valley to Annawan on the Hennepin Canal Trail - 40 Miles My day started at 4:20 AM when my husband texted to say Hello. Arrggh!  I didn’t reply, but saw a news article pop up.....  "Men rape women at Spring Valley motel.” There is only one motel in Spring Valley, and we were in it. I didn’t … Continue reading Day 4 – Epic Bike Adventure