The Handmaiden’s Tale – A review

This distopian tale is an unsatisfying story. I feel as though I’ve been preached to, without a solution offered or any redemption possible. Society’s downfall is brought about by the excesses of modern living in America: nuclear waste, consumerism, freedoms, literacy, contraceptive use by the white population, insecticides, abortion issues, biological hazards, and Playboy bunnies. … Continue reading The Handmaiden’s Tale – A review

Helen Osterman: When to End A Series

Guest Blog by Helen Osterman Thanks for inviting me to your blog. I am the author of the  Emma Winberry cozy mystery series of six books. I've learned that it is imperative to keep your characters fresh. I do that by giving my protagonist, Emma, an unusual life. To keep my readers interested, Emma gets into trouble and … Continue reading Helen Osterman: When to End A Series