Cycling Through Niagara’s Vineyards

Niagara-on-the-Lake is a gorgeous town about a half hour scenic drive along the Niagara River. Beautiful flowers adorn street corners, shops, restaurants and parks. One could spend an entire day poking around in cute shops, dining, attending the theatre festival, and soaking up history. Bob and I and our friends, Keith and Donna, chose to … Continue reading Cycling Through Niagara’s Vineyards

A Painted Lady

Outside the hustle-bustle of the tourist area of Niagara Falls we found a gem of a painted lady––an old Victorian house––which is now a wonderful bed-and-breakfast inn with views of the Niagara River gorge about a mile below the Falls. Carolyn and Gary Burke moved into the fixer-upper thirty-four years ago and raised their  two … Continue reading A Painted Lady

Into The Mist – Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls surprised me. I expected a run-down tourist trap like the Wisconsin Dells. We flew into Buffalo NY and drove across the Niagara River to the Canadian side. The area was certainly a tourist trap, but up-scale, interesting, and very expensive. The dollar is worth less in Canada, and near The Falls Starbucks charges … Continue reading Into The Mist – Niagara Falls