7 Book-Selling Tips from “Used Cars”

Used Cars is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. Kurt Russell plays a slick salesman who would do anything to sell a car. To sell our books, we won’t go to the lengths that Kurt did, but he had the principles of selling down well -- to a hilarious extent. I used Kurt’s … Continue reading 7 Book-Selling Tips from “Used Cars”

9+ Tips for a Successful Book Signing

My book signing today was a success. I’m celebrating because I felt more comfortable in the role of author and gave my quick synopsis with ease. I also autographed twenty-seven books. Woohoo! The day didn’t start out well. The organizer for the Legends Arts & Craft Fair didn’t know I and four others were coming. … Continue reading 9+ Tips for a Successful Book Signing

How to Create a Striking Poster to Promote Your Book

At book fairs and other book marketing venues, people stream by trying to avoid you and your sales pitch. You must catch their eye. Make your book display table bright and appealing, pique their interest. Display your book prominently and try a prop that represents the subject or theme of your story. For my novel, … Continue reading How to Create a Striking Poster to Promote Your Book

Creative Book Marketing: Handouts

Some would say my time would be better spent writing, but I've had a heck of a good time designing RIM To RIM's  cover,  business cards, posters for a future book launch, handouts. That's creative, too, right? Last week I discovered PicMonkey.com, a free website which allows you to edit digital photographs. I wish I … Continue reading Creative Book Marketing: Handouts

How to Prepare for an Authors’ Panel

I thought I’d be more nervous and get all tongue tied for my first speaking engagement, but I did okay. Our critique group, Southland Scribes, was invited by Oak Forest’s Acorn Library to speak about our books and the writing process. My first book, Rim to Rim, will launch later this year, so I figured I’d better … Continue reading How to Prepare for an Authors’ Panel