Writing Romance Into a Mystery

Please welcome Evelyn Cullet, author of "Masterpiece of Murder,"  "Love Lies and Murder," and "Once Upon a Crime." She has become quite adept at weaving romance into a mystery and will explain how and why she does it. Hi, Everyone. I'd like to thank Jeanne for giving me the opportunity to be a guest author on … Continue reading Writing Romance Into a Mystery

How to Land a Radio Interview

When I was eighteen I couldn't order pizza because I hated saying my name. So a half hour interview on a radio show was a big deal. Fortunately, Steve Stearns, the host of Outside Health and Fitness, was an easy guy to talk to. He made the conversation fun...and that's the key. Listen in at: http://www.outsidehealthandfitness.com/adventure-novelist-jeanne-meeks But … Continue reading How to Land a Radio Interview

How to Prepare for an Authors’ Panel

I thought I’d be more nervous and get all tongue tied for my first speaking engagement, but I did okay. Our critique group, Southland Scribes, was invited by Oak Forest’s Acorn Library to speak about our books and the writing process. My first book, Rim to Rim, will launch later this year, so I figured I’d better … Continue reading How to Prepare for an Authors’ Panel