The Birth of a Novel

A Chronicle of Progress as I write my fourth novel. After completing my third novel, Gator Bait - A Tennis Team Mystery, I wondered which direction my next novel should take. I’ll be honest. I dithered around. I was busy preparing Gator for publication, marketing my other novels, and distracted from writing daily . . . … Continue reading The Birth of a Novel

How an Unknown Writer Landed a Big Publisher. Artis Henderson

I know Artis Henderson only as one of a hundred other writers who are members of the Gulf Coast Writers Association. Her readings have been lyrical and personal. Thirty-ish, she is a youngster among the retirees who come to Florida, find time on their hands, and turn to writing mysteries, children’s books, poetry, non-fiction, and … Continue reading How an Unknown Writer Landed a Big Publisher. Artis Henderson

Are Webinars for You?

One of the perks of membership in Mystery Writers of America - Midwest are the occasional free webinars they offer to help improve your writing skills.  Claire Applewhite, author of The Wrong Side of Memphis, St Louis Hustle, and Candy Cadillac as well as several romance novels, hosted a three-part instructional series entitled Fifty Ways … Continue reading Are Webinars for You?