Research for Novel – What do Surgeons Wear?

Research for my next book. Any medical professionals out there?   One of my characters goes in for a surgical procedure and the doctor comes to the waiting room to talk to the family. What is he wearing? Would he have blood on his shirt? Booties on his shoes? A lab coat? Thanks for your … Continue reading Research for Novel – What do Surgeons Wear?

The Caddie Who Played With Hickory – A Review

After reading The Caddie who played with Hickory, I have more respect for the game of golf. I loved this story, not just for the golf lessons, but for the well-written characters and look into life post-WWII. Though this is well-written fiction, the real facts in the story drew me in. A non-golfer might skip … Continue reading The Caddie Who Played With Hickory – A Review

Review: The Broken Teaglass

Word Nerds Unite! The Broken Teaglass, by Emily Arsenault,  is a story for lovers of words . . . Word Nerds . . . enthusiasts who love reading words, but also love learning their definitions, musing on their origins, and finding the best and most accurate words for use in their own vocabulary. Who knew this … Continue reading Review: The Broken Teaglass

The Birth of a Novel

A Chronicle of Progress as I write my fourth novel. After completing my third novel, Gator Bait - A Tennis Team Mystery, I wondered which direction my next novel should take. I’ll be honest. I dithered around. I was busy preparing Gator for publication, marketing my other novels, and distracted from writing daily . . . … Continue reading The Birth of a Novel

The Husband’s Secret – A Review

  Our Legends book club will discuss "The Husband's Secret" by Liane Moriarty soon. I liked it and gave it four stars on Amazon. Here's my review: Husbands and wives have secrets. When secrets see the light of day, lives change. Some of the secrets featured in this novel are kept to protect the innocent, some to … Continue reading The Husband’s Secret – A Review