Where to Hold a Book Signing

© Adekvat At which venues will my novels sell?  Are some venues just not worth the time and effort? The answers, of course, depend on your audience, your book and your personality. My Least Productive Venues Writing Conventions Author workshops and conventions are wonderful things, but it’s very difficult to sell many books because everyone at … Continue reading Where to Hold a Book Signing

Lydia Ponczak’s Book Launch

Lydia Ponczak            Who's After Samantha? My friend and fellow Southland Scribes writer, Lydia Ponczak, launched her first novel, Who's After Samantha, last week by hosting a party at Kinootz's Pizza in Midlothian, IL. She gathered a big crowd and made each of us feel special. She was nice enough to publicly … Continue reading Lydia Ponczak’s Book Launch

Book Signing at Centuries and Sleuths

Centuries and Sleuths is a gem of a book store: cozy, unique, with warm and friendly owners behind the counter. Today the Forest Park, IL store hosted the book launch for my writer's group buddy, Helen Osterman. I attended the event to support Helen, but also to learn. Someday I'll have my book, "Rim to … Continue reading Book Signing at Centuries and Sleuths