Day 5 – Epic Bike Adventure

Annawan to the Mississippi River  -  34 miles Our last day on the Grand Illinois Trail was supposed to be easier. We left our heavy saddlebags at the hotel and planned to pick them up as we drove back. We didn't even get out of Best Western's parking lot...and Dot got a flat. Luckily, a gas station was next … Continue reading Day 5 – Epic Bike Adventure

Day 2-Epic Bike Adventure

  We had ridden thirty-seven miles on Day 1 of our bike ride across Illinois, so we decided forty miles per day was our goal as we continued our journey 200 miles to the Mississippi River. The map didn’t cooperate. Towns along the Grand Illinois Trail in central and western Illinois, were not spaced in neat … Continue reading Day 2-Epic Bike Adventure

Cycling Through Niagara’s Vineyards

Niagara-on-the-Lake is a gorgeous town about a half hour scenic drive along the Niagara River. Beautiful flowers adorn street corners, shops, restaurants and parks. One could spend an entire day poking around in cute shops, dining, attending the theatre festival, and soaking up history. Bob and I and our friends, Keith and Donna, chose to … Continue reading Cycling Through Niagara’s Vineyards