Day 2-Epic Bike Adventure

  We had ridden thirty-seven miles on Day 1 of our bike ride across Illinois, so we decided forty miles per day was our goal as we continued our journey 200 miles to the Mississippi River. The map didn’t cooperate. Towns along the Grand Illinois Trail in central and western Illinois, were not spaced in neat … Continue reading Day 2-Epic Bike Adventure

Review: Dust of Danakil

A Thrilling Adventure  This true story, woven from Ian Mathie's daily journals while working in Africa, kept me turning the pages. The book showed me another world and took me out of my comfortable, Midwestern life. The memoir tells of the young  man's time in the desert of Ethiopia during the 1970’s drought. The British government … Continue reading Review: Dust of Danakil

Review: A 1,000 Mile Walk on the Beach

Loreen Niewenhuis hiked 1,019 miles around Lake Michigan as a gift to herself. I understand that. Getting Personal with Lake Michigan Like an interesting guided tour, the author gives a combination of geographic and ecological facts, historical tidbits, and personal commentary. She is in love with Lake Michigan. The beauty and wonder of the vast … Continue reading Review: A 1,000 Mile Walk on the Beach

Women’s Adventure Magazine Review

Just saw on Facebook that a review of "Rim To Rim-Death in the Grand Canyon" was written for Women's Adventure Magazine by Sharry  Miller. I especially like this part: "Jeanne Meeks’ first novel, Rim to Rim, is not only a page-turner of a mystery, but it’s a beautiful portrayal of the Grand Canyon. Meeks said that … Continue reading Women’s Adventure Magazine Review